Olen Booth

Chief Operating Officer / Owner

Olen moved to Starkville to attend Mississippi State after graduating from Southwest MS Community college in Summit. Once here, he not only earned his BS in Electrical Engineering Technology but proceeded to carve a niche for himself and his partners in the broadcasting field, resulting in the birth of Innovative Broadcasting Services in 1987 (be sure to read how it all began with a station wagon and $5,000.)

For Olen, success is something achieved daily when you feel like your job isn’t work, but something you enjoy doing. It is perhaps this attitude that has helped attract the many quality members of the IBS/Hawk SCADA team over the years. Olen thinks these three things describe Hawk SCADA best: quality, forward-thinking and customer-focused — and we couldn’t agree more. Of course, as co-owner of IBS, he wouldn’t turn down the chance to expand their customer base across the country — or even global domination, for that matter.

On the personal side, if it were possible Olen would invite Jesus, Hitler and Judas to a dinner (because of the interesting conversation, of course) and he would serve his favorite food: pizza. And if he’s coming to dinner at your house, best to avoid dishing up sweet potatoes and pumpkin, in any form. Ironically, Olen’s focus on “water” isn’t confined to the business. He is passionate about water on a personal level, as well –whether laying beside it, skiing on it or swimming in it as a diver just one certification short of a master. When (if) Olen retires, you may catch a glimpse of him on a small island just off St. Thomas – lounging by the water and sipping Cruzan rum, with his goggles, fins and air tank close by, ready for his next dive.

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