Our parent company, Innovative Broadcast Services (IBS), began as a broadcast service company building and maintaining radio and low-power TV studios and transmitter sites in and around Mississippi. Over the years, we have expanded into the transmitter remote-control and monitoring business.

We offer customized solutions to radio and television stations to monitor and control their signals and transmitters. Television and radio are not just where we go to be entertained … they are both vital means of communications to billions of consumers who depend on radio and TV to stay updated with the latest in breaking news around the world.

To do our part in helping our broadcasters do their jobs, we offer a wide range of services including:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Equipment installation
  • Computer automation installation and support
  • Consulting (planning and supervising upgrades)
  • Implementing studio and transmitter relocations
  • Running FCC compliance testing
  • Complete studio build outs
  • Other (and any) specialized projects, as needed

Our engineers work with industry-standard test equipment including:

  • time domain reflectometer
  • modulation monitors
  • spectrum analysts
  • audio distortion sets
  • dummy loads
  • in-line wattmeters
  • AM and FM field strength meters
  • operating impedance bridges

In addition, we own a frequency agile STL transmitter and receiver, a frequency agile exciter, auto processor, and other miscellaneous equipment that we make available to our clients to help minimize time off the air.