Hawk H20P

6-point liquid level controller

Hawk SCADA is excited to introduce one of our newest products, the Hawk h2oP, a multiple setpoint, proportional level controller powered by 120VAC. The h2oP (h20=water, P=processor) takes a 4-20mA signal and spans it across a range defined by the user, providing six isolated SPDT relay outputs, each corresponding to a user-adjusted setpoint. All six setpoints, as well as the span calibration, are adjustable from the front of the panel without any tools! And each individual relay is rated for 120VAC and 5amps resistive load.

Each individual setpoint output can be configured as rising or falling ( i.e. — does this output need to be ON when the level is above or below the setpoint). This makes the unit capable of running a drain or a fill process such as Wastewater: configure it to drain a wet well; Groundwater: configure it to fill a tank.

Changing a setpoint is as easy as pressing and holding the setpoint button of interest, then using the up/down switch to make adjustments. Changing the span’s zero and fullscale calibrations are done with the same method (although the zero and fullscale buttons are countersunk below the panel so that accidental adjustment does not occur. The user must use something small to press the span adjustment buttons).

When not using the up/down for setpoint adjustments, the up/down can be used to manually simulate a level in order to test setpoint functionality. After 10 seconds of simulation inactivity, the unit will automatically revert back to live level control. This ensures the unit cannot be accidentally left in a “test mode.”

Communications port with RS-485 Modbus protocol:

  • All parameters can be remotely read and configured via Modbus protocol.
  • Allows remote level reading, alarming, and setpoint adjustment when connected to a SCADA system. With the addition of a Hawk SCADA cellular device, such as the RedHawkTM, this can instantly become a simple monitoring and control device with data trending and alarming capabilities.
  • The 4-20mA loop can be powered by the h2oP to eliminate the need for an external power supply. One 4-20mA output is available that mirrors the 4-20mA input. This can be used to integrate other equipment into the control process.

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