Hawk provides several SCADA solutions to surface mining manufacturing clients. Our journey into the mining environment began when one of our largest clients approached us with a unique problem at one of their mines in which they could not find an “off the shelf” solution that was durable enough for their applications. Hawk SCADA developed a customized solution for their problem. As a result, this solution was implemented at every plant location across the United States.

Solutions for monitoring and controlling in the mining environment include:

  • De-watering pumps
  • Polymer distribution systems
  • Dust supression systems
  • Piezometer pressure system

For example, the piezometer pressure system has been placed under a multi-million dollar drag line and is used to monitor the stability of the soil. This is a mission critical device for them, because it makes sure the drag line does not become inoperative which would shut down their operation.

Recently Hawk SCADA has developed another product line to remotely monitor conductivity in streams and tributaries. These RTUs are cellular based and battery powered in remote, dense forest regions to allow real-time data monitoring and archiving for compliance purposes.

This is yet another example where Hawk’s SCADA designed the entire solution from board level through data acquisition.