Preston Booth

Media production, inventory, maintenance

Preston Booth is not your typical “son of the owners” employee. He more than pulls his weight, is eager to learn from his coworkers, and contributes to the spirited comradery of the team with his fresh outlook and sense of humor (he once pranked them by putting tape over their mouse lasers and they responded by taping him to a chair and pushing him into the rain). Preston has worked at the company at one level or another since he was 12 in the areas of media, field enclosures, inventory management and general maintenance calls.

While it is true that Preston is an asset to the Hawk SCADA team in all these facets, there is no disputing the fact that his biggest contribution is being their in-house, first-class artist in terms of video production. He wears every hat in the process in superior fashion, from script writing and camera work to the fine art of editing – and everything in-between.

As a liberal arts junkie who attended Colorado Film School in Denver, and has had short films featured at the Magnolia Film Festival for several years running, Preston’s filmmaking resume is far too long and diversified to belong to someone his age. From a car commercial, weddings and music videos, to writing, directing and producing short films (not to mention his latest customer testimonial video for Hawk SCADA which you can view here), it’s the consistent inconsistency of not having a solid niche which seems to be catapulting his skills far beyond that of someone who has only been alive for two decades. Then again, it could also be the challenge set by his hands-down favorite person of all time, Yoda: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Don’t be surprised someday when you see the name Preston Booth scrolling on a big screen outside the confines of our small town. As a true Star Warrior and Ringer, he knows just how far creativity can take a person, and believes success is reached when monetary gain meets personal fulfillment. He may, or may not, be responsible for bringing the world our next big groundbreaking SFX. But the force is definitely with him.

customer service
media production
inventory management
maintenance calls