John Gholston

Operations Manager

After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, John spent five years in the Nashville recording industry meeting interesting people and seeing the inside of every major studio in town. It’s where he discovered the value of learning new things, having connections and building relationships. As he puts it, it’s who you know that gets you there but what you know that keeps you there.

It’s hard to get more down-home than John Gholston. A perfect, relaxing day for him might begin with hash browns and sausage gravy for breakfast, shooting guns for entertainment during daylight followed by pulled pork and ribs with all the fixins (including banana pudding) for a for a hearty supper while sitting down to some musical entertainment. In fact, those food choices are what he would serve three people (living or dead) he would have over for supper: Zakk Wylde, Freddie King, and Muddy Waters. Talk about a jam session!

With the perfect personality for serving as operations manager at Hawk SCADA, John sincerely enjoys helping provide great products and services to their clients. And in terms of defining success, having a good relationship with God comes first, followed closely with taking care of your family and friends and achieving personal goals that you set for yourself.

For someone with his priorities intact and more talent in his big toe than most people, it’s very likely he has followed the advice he would tell himself if he were 13 again: “Go after your dreams hard, no matter what, and don’t look back.”


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