Cameron Autmon

Bench Technician / Programmer

He’s quiet and curious and one of the newest members of the Hawk SCADA team: Cameron Autmon. By day, Cameron is a bench technician and programmer and by night, a student at Mississippi State University. He’s interested in a future in cyber-security as well as IoT – doing his part to keep the bad guys out of places they don’t belong. This interest could be just because of his noble nature. But then again, it could also be from the many times his attention has been captivated by the heroes of undercover heists and espionage fighters in the eight Fast and Furious films, his unequivocal favorite.

You can always expect to receive an honest, down-to-earth answer from Cameron. If he’s following the pack, you can be assured it is because he wants to – and not just to try and fit in. This decisive young man loves gaming, drawing, and programming, but no particular genre of music because he listens to “anything that sounds good.” If you ever get a chance to buy him breakfast the menu is wide open because he loves waffles, hash browns, steak & eggs and grits – or all the above.

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